Nov 6th

A continuation of conversations with Rene Watt of about hex’s and stereotypes of witches.
J-Adam Smith of Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours talks about getting a merit badge for ghost hunting and about a movie he’ll be starring in about a UFO sighting that’s in the record books.
Cheryl Costa brings up a sighting of UFO’s from before the infamous Roswell crash.

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Oct 29th

Ghosts with J-Adam Smith, The Paranormal Historian talks a little history of ghosts in Knoxville, Tenn as well as the spirits connection with the energy you’re bringing to a ghost hunt.

Witches with Rene Watt of Witch Doctorate
Topic: the social norms of witches

There’s also an interesting ghost story from Kojak!

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Oct 22nd

Producer Kevin Barry shares stories about the strange and unusual from his time producing and writing Ancient Aliens, UFO Files, UFO Hunters, Deep Undercover, The Unexplained with Bill Curtis and many more.

Cash-Landrum Incident
Bentwaters-Rendlesham Forest incident
Airline Pilot sees something while flying

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Oct 15th

Cheryl Costa, 2018 UFO Congress Researcher of the Year talks about her findings of what type of UFO’s are being reported.
She co-authored with Linda Miller Costa:
UFO Sightings Desk Reference: United States of America 2001-2015

Disclosure from the government?

The significance of the Summer and Winter Solstice

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Oct 8th

Musician, Producer, Singer, Songwriter Robert Berry of 3 with Keith Emmerson and Carl Palmer and now with 3.2, a newer version with the music and inspiration of Keith Emmerson. He talks about working with Keith Emmerson on his final project and how the album, “The Rules Have Changed” was made. We also talk about other fascinating topics from advanced technology that’s held from us to the basics of humanity.

Check out “The Rules Have Changed” from 3.2 Robert Berry’s latest release with the late, great Keith Emmerson.
Somebody’s Watching:

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Oct 1st

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Bassist Steve Fossen from Heart joins the show to talk about the strange and unusual! From a unique experience playing a certain song to humanities final frontier.

A Skull Asteroid is headed our way after Halloween. How convenient.

What tips you off to a fake story?

People are People, I guess.

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Sept 24th

Deep conversation with original member and founder of Ambrosia, Burleigh Drummond. Before hits like “That’s How Much I Feel” and “Biggest Part of Me” made the charts, they were and still are a progressive rock band getting their start in the mid 70’s.
We discuss the early days of their music as well as hear Burleigh tell some personal stories of some strange and unusual experiences.

Story updates:
The Solar Observatory was shut down. We have an explanation. I think.

The man who’s paying Elon Musk’s Space X to travel around the moon has been named.

Is colonizing Mars really a good idea?

Any UFO’s over NY lately?

Ambrosia – Mama Frog
John Lennon – Nobody Told Me

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Sept 17th

Mars is getting colonized, but by who?
Observatories were shut down for no explainable reason.
Ghost stories and the unknown.
The Twilight Zone synchronicity.

Sept 10th

Rene Watt is back to read Chakras and talk about energy.
Rene Watt at

Astronaut sees something outside the space shuttle

How will we communicate with aliens?

There’s a global takeover going on by hybrids so human-like, you’ll never know. Well, that’s according to one guy.

The Wizard of OZ and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album appears to be in sync with one another as if it was done on purpose.
Maybe It’s Real? Or Maybe It’s Make-Believe?

ELO – Strange Magic
The Police – Synchronicity
Also, check out
Scattered Melodies with their song “Black Hole”

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Aug 27th

More of my original interview with Marta G Wiley that didn’t make the radio version.
We discussed sugar and the relationship it has with the amygdala and the brain.
She studied under Carlos Castaneda and we discuss Shamanism and Naguals.
A very fascinating conversation to say the least.

MARTA WILEY is an “Internationally Renowned Artist” – Painter, Singer, Entrepreneur, Filmmaker, Speaker, Actress, and Author. She holds a record for being one of the most prolific Artists in the 21st Century. Painting over 10,000 paintings, Top Poster sales grossing Millions, writing over 2,000 songs charting Top 20 USA Music Charts “Beggar,” “Signal” & “Certainly,” Marta has written several compelling novels: “The Water Daughter,” “The Shield & The Eight Immortals,” and “The Million Dollar Egg.”

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